The rooms at the Hotel am Hafen in Mannheim Innenstadt/Jungbusch

Get an idea about our 30 square meter large and comfortable rooms at the Hotel am Hafen. The hotel is located in the Jungbusch district of Mannheim and offers single as well as double and triple rooms which are all equipped with shower / WC, refrigerator, microwave and TV. Wi-Fi is free of charge throughout the house. Enjoy your stay at the Hotel am Hafen directly across from the C-HUB Creative Center Mannheim and near to the Popakademie Mannheim. Other attractions such as the baroque castle, the water tower or the museum Kunsthalle are located within walking distance.

Single room

single room
single room Hotel am Hafen

Single room from 89€/day without breakfast buffet.

Double room

twin room
twin room, Hotel am Hafen

Double room from 98€/day without breakfast buffet.

Triple room

trple room
triple room, Hotel am Hafen

Triple room from 150€/day without breakfast buffet.


Depending on the request, breakfast buffet can additionally be booked per 18€ / day per person.